El Camino Group, LLC is a strengths-based leadership and organizational performance effectiveness firm, committed to helping leaders and organizations realize their full potential and become more sustainable, prosperous, and effective. Our strengths-based approach to consulting, training and coaching is focused on developing and leveraging clients' unique strengths to increase their impact.

  Eileen Coskey Fracchia, Founder & Managing Principal of El Camino Group, facilitating a workshop for a client.

We employ a number of expert Executive Coaches, Business Consultants and Facilitators to deliver and support client engagements. Utilizing their knowledge and experience, we are highly adept and agile at meeting the diverse needs of organizations.

"Today’s frenetic world calls for success under tighter deadlines, with fewer resources, and intense focus. Under these circumstances, the pursuit of excellence and personal fulfillment has become increasingly more difficult."

Consulting:  Our team can consult with you on everything from leadership effectiveness to employee engagement, vision to mission, strategy to execution.  From program delivery and measuring impact to strategic relationships and resource development, we can help objectively analyze existing employee assessments/surveys and corporate culture evaluations that can lead to greater job satisfaction and improved workplace morale.

Training:  Organizations count on El Camino Group to increase their knowledge and improve their skills with quality, affordable educational experiences resulting in rapid and effective application.  We offer expert facilitation to small and large groups via webinars, keynotes and in-person classroom settings.

Coaching:  We provide a variety of models, techniques, strategies and resources to enable our clients to identify and implement their own solutions -- which invariably leads to their long term success. We have a diverse group of highly qualified coaches for almost every context or situation. A masterful Business Coach can supply intelligent, insightful, directive and compassionate essentials that will assist those even at the highest leadership levels.