El Camino Group, LLC (ECG) is a certified National Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), specializing in leadership and organizational performance effectiveness. We are a boutique consulting / coaching firm committed to helping leaders and organizations realize their full potential thus becoming more sustainable, prosperous, and effective.

Our strengths-based approach to consulting, facilitating, training, and coaching is focused on developing and leveraging clients’ unique strengths to increase their impact.

Podium Eileen

"Today’s frenetic world calls for success under tighter deadlines, with fewer resources, and intense focus. Under these circumstances, the pursuit of excellence and personal fulfillment has become increasingly more difficult."


“Eileen has been a friend, coach, mentor of mine for over a decade so having her bring her chapter of the book The Great LeadHERship Awakening to life with my leaders was great! She reminded us all to CHOOSE GREATNESS and walked us through the Kosetenbaum Leadership Diamond, a helpful framework for grounding in greatness during times of uncertainty. We all left better connected, inspired and standing on a strong foundation empowered to lead forward in greatness together. Thank you for sharing your magic with us Eileen!”

-Vice President, Global Business Group at META

“Faced with long days and constant deadlines, I was worried about whether adding an executive coach into my calendar would be more of an obligation than a help. I could not have been more wrong! El Camino Group matched me with a great executive coach. My coach is truly an energizing, strengthening force in my busy, often chaotic days. The coaching sessions are a unique blend of personalized coaching, consulting, and strategic thinking into your personal and professional life. The coach vast knowledge, business experience, and true passion for strengths coaching has given me the tools and techniques I need to manage my department and lead my team more effectively. I could not ask for a better coach — thank you for believing in me and even more – thank you for validating the belief I have in myself!”

– Department Head, Facebook

“Bouquets and Brunch was a great way to close out Women’s History Month. We hosted 40 women leaders from various sector backgrounds including healthcare, government municipalities, aerospace, life sciences, and commercial. Our event  featured a presentation by best-selling author, Eileen Coskey Fracchia. It was such an honor for us to hear Eileen speak and empower us to continue to lead. She helped us focus honoring the things we should be proud of, networking and elevating women across the industries we support, which are often male dominated. This event was part of a series all in celebration of Servicon’s 50 years of service. Thank you Eileen.” 

C-Suite Executive, Servicon 

“Thank you El Camino Group for helping me understand how to be more intentional around how I show up at work. The impact I have noticed since beginning coaching sessions has been profound. Through my coaching I have been able to define, communicate and live my ‘leadership point of view’.  The coaching helped me through a huge professional transition and I am grateful that my career has taken the turn it has.  I have been able to appreciate the legacies I created in the positions I have held and look forward to creating more along my journey.  Thank you for sharing the many tools, resources and mostly the compassionate wisdoms throughout our coaching engagement.”

– C-Suite Executive, Accenture

“The coaching offered through El Camino Group to some of our senior/executive leaders has been incredibly valuable.  Those coached are more confident, competent and effective in leadership.  The leaders are finding and leveraging their strengths, and those of their teams in a way that has increased productivity, reduced risk and significantly improved engagement.  In addition, El Camino Group has served as a great strategic planning partner to the company board and senior executives.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with them!”

– Key Executive, Cathay Bank

“As a Board Vice President of JVSLA and co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Network, Eileen’s leadership and commitment to our organization’s excellence has been invaluable. A natural leader within our organization, Eileen’s critical thinking and innovative ideas around growing our organization has allowed us to experience unprecedented growth and support! If you are looking for someone to take an honest look at your organization, identify its goals, and help devise a strategy to achieve them, Eileen is the perfect choice.”

– Vivian Seigel, Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Vocational Services

“We chose to work with El Camino Group for their industry expertise and strength of delivery in coaching and leadership development. We continue to see them in that light.

We highly recommend them.”

– C-Suite Executive, Open Listing

“One of the key objectives of working with El Camino Group was to improve our employee engagement / leadership efficacy. We have seen significant improvement, and the program has been recognized as a great success by our executive management and investors.”

– SurveyMonkey

“Eileen has been a wonderful leader of the roundtables at McLean’s Institute of Coaching, consistently bringing impactful insights and research to every meeting. I enjoy the opportunity to learn from a experienced coach and consultant like Eileen, as well as our community of coaching professionals. I am very grateful that she is the IOC Fellow assigned to my roundtable and look forward to continuing to learn from her.

Thanks, Eileen!”

– Participant, Roundtable at McLean Institute of Coaching, Affiliate of Harvard Medical School

“Eileen was such a highlight of the two-day experience. How wonderful to connect with a world-class leader in the business world and hear her perspectives and insights on creating opportunities for women to advance – whatever their field. Her insights were extremely valuable, and I can truly say that this summit was so powerful, especially as it connected me with so many like-minded women, including Eileen.

I am looking forward to staying connected with her and continuing to tune into her thought leadership.”

– Attendee, espnW Women + Sports Summit