El Camino Group, LLC., is a strengths-based leadership and organizational performance effectiveness boutique firm, committed to helping leaders and organizations realize their full potential thus becoming more sustainable, prosperous, and effective. Our approach begins with understanding the client need and mindset – through a variety of discovery modalities.  Together with the client, we leverage the data collected to determine the best strategy and execution plans – thus allowing us to provide the optimum resources in support of our client — by building on their successes and identifying productive options for advancing their situations.


Our team of business and advisory experts can consult with you on everything from leadership effectiveness to employee engagement, including vision to mission and strategy to execution. From program delivery and measuring impact to strategic relationships and resource development, we can help objectively analyze existing employee assessments/surveys and corporate culture evaluations that can lead to greater job satisfaction and improved workplace morale. Our consulting solutions focus on enhancing your people strategy, ensuring that you build a culture of high-performing and engaged talent.

Organizations count on El Camino Group to accelerate strategic goals and initiatives through customized management consulting and leadership development solutions. We offer expert facilitation to both large and small groups of corporate, non-profit, and educational clients via webinars, keynotes and in-person classroom settings. Facilitation topics may include goal and value-setting, navigating organizational change, building trust within a team, and enhancing leadership efficacy.

We train professionals in a variety of different leadership, management, sales, and service-curated content, providing practical tools to support their learning. Participants get the chance to practice their new skills and behaviors, increasing their confidence and competence.

We provide a variety of models, techniques, strategies and resources to enable our clients to identify and implement their own solutions — which invariably leads to their long term success. We have a diverse group of highly qualified coaches for almost every context or situation. A masterful Business Coach can supply intelligent, insightful, directive and compassionate essentials that will assist those even at the highest leadership levels.


At the heart of the Business Coaching experience is the one-on-one session where core issues are addressed and real changes take place. It is in this focused time that the ongoing trust and partnership develop which accelerate a client’s learning, performance and progress.


Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” As they assist individual members in learning top interpersonal skills, the best Business Coaches also help teams build trust, identify and leverage individual strengths and develop mutual commitment and accountability, replace competition with cooperation, gain command of effective interactive skills and strategic methods that focus on highest group performance results.


While entrepreneurs are often among the most visionary of business people, they sometimes struggle with their abilities to parlay their passions into the next level of growth. That’s where an expert Business Coach comes in – helping them to gain new understanding, depth and wisdom in order to go to the next level of success for themselves and their companies.


Often the most vulnerable but beneficial times in life are those that are ‘in-between.’ Whether you’ve decided to do a career jump-shift, have been outsourced or down-sized, want to try something new or get started on the original dream, it’s an ideal time to engage a Business Coach to lead you through the process.