Co-Directed by: Eileen Coskey Fracchia and Gary Foster

Eileen Coskey Fracchia
Gary Foster

Merging a unique fusion of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, Eileen Coskey Fracchia and Gary Foster offer an extensive amount of leadership and cross-functional development, industry acuity and creative conceptualization. By blending their expertise and talents, they provide the necessary vantage points as well as the keys to actualize a thriving culture that supports the lifecycle of a production.

“Almost every week we hear about an issue that has occurred on a set.  Why has the industry settled on post-event crisis management rather than getting ahead of the potential problems from the start?”


Why Humanity On Set?

  • Grounded in the Industry:  Our solutions are based on personally experienced case studies and professional production endeavors. By understanding the nature of bringing dynamic talent, cast, crew and creatives together, we are equipped to produce lasting results.

  • Seasoned Leadership Facilitators/Coaches:  We have a cadre of seasoned and coach certified professionals, all of whom have been in leadership positions and know the challenges associated with leading teams, conversations.  As such, they can serve as a sounding board and offer practical strategies to help individuals address challenges they are experiencing.

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