Navigate To Success with El Camino Group, LLC.


The El Camino Group helps individuals navigate their road to success through strengths-based solutions. But what does that journey look like?

Our coaching methodology allows each client to become a powerful and effective leader by creating specific goals and action plans tailored to their unique strengths. We then work with them to see how they can leverage the strengths of their teams to create inspired, motivated, and engaged employees.

Our coaching style is client-centric and agile, allowing us to meet the unique needs of our clients. Using situational wins and challenges of our client , our coaches apply efficient an effective tools, resources and guidance to accelerate client success.
While the focus of our coaching varies based on client needs, frequent areas of concentration include:

· Defining Personal Brand
· Intentionality and Purpose
· Realizing Potential
· Leading Effectiveness
· Teamwork & Collaboration
· Conflict Management
· Powerful Communication & Influencing Skills
· Building Healthy Professional Relationships
· Resilience

Each coaching session ends with identifying actions that will move the client closer to reaching the goals he or she defined at the outset of and throughout their coaching engagement.

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