Sasha Stair

Faculty and Executive Coach

Sasha Stair is an Associate and Executive Coach with El Camino Group, LLC. Sasha Stair is an executive leadership coach and business consultant with an emphasis on growth, scaling, and legacy building. Sasha brings 20 years of experience across multiple industries and roles, offering a breadth and depth of knowledge to help companies transform, grow, and sustain at any stage in their lifecycle.

Since 2014, Sasha has been an executive in Financial Services and FinTech, taking on critical roles in facilitating the transitions of growth from start-ups to larger corporations. Sasha provides guidance and execution of large-scale transformational programs to manage growth and change. Her passion for growing conscious leaders has helped companies stay focused on people first as they operate through the ever-changing work environment.

Sasha is an international best-selling author via two co-authored books, Leading Through the Pandemic and Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most as well as her debut solo #1 best-selling book, The Inside Job: Master the World Within to Lead the Future of Corporate. Her book, The Inside Job, serves as a clear and witty guide for corporate leaders to positively influence teams, and organizations to achieve massive results. The Inside Job is a philosophy and approach to focus on your own self-growth and transformation setting the tone for how you lead others and organizations.

Sasha enjoys spending time in nature, is an Opera singer, and loves connecting with friends & family over a great meal and delicious wine. Her passion for helping people and companies grow extends beyond her work into volunteer engagements, including her recently appointed role to the Customer Success Advisory Board at UC Irvine. Sasha has a B.A. in Marketing & Communications from San Diego State University. Sasha lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, their daughter, and fur-family of four.